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(Laboratory Members in 2014)

Development of New Nanofablication Technology and Its Applications

We studied about nanofablication technology, nano plastic forming and engineering surface.
Using the developed technology, we try to find new properties of materials.

Cutting under Ultra High Hydrostatic Pressure

Cutting equipment

KEY WORDS: Hydrostatic pressure, Cutting of hard brittle materials, Ultra Precision cutting.

Nano Plastic Forming of Hard Brittle Materials

NPF equipment

KEY WORDS: Cutting of hard brittle materials, Nano Plastic Forming, Engineering Surface.

Microstructure Control by Nano Plastic Forming

EBSD mesurements

KEY WORDS: Nano Plastic Forming, Recrystallization, EBSD, TEM, FIB.

Nano Bioengineering


KEY WORDS: Nano Fablication, Nano Channel, Bio chip.

Phase-Field Method

Polycrystalline structure

KEY WORDS: Phase-Field Modeling, Phase Transformation, Steel, Microstructure Evolution.

Recent News and Topics.

★☆27th, Sep, 2010, Willy Kurnia graduate Ph.D course and gets Ph.D degree !!!!
Willy_gets_Ph.D !!

July 1st, 2010, Mr. Willy Kurnia presented Doctor thesis.

2010/6/1- : Mr. Leo Chen Seng is coming our laboratry as a internship student of AOTUL.

2009/12/3-5: International Conference "LEM21" in Osaka University, Japan.

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